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Satoshi's Coin

by toomuchlag

Current Owner: 0xeEE5Eb24E7A0EA53B75a1b9aD72e7D20562f4283


Sold: 33 Ether

"It's not just a video with a flipping coin."

This dynamic NFT contains 1 real Bitcoin wrapped inside!

By burning the art piece and giving up ownership, the current owner will instantly receive the wrapped Bitcoin .

The burn will transform the art piece into its second state, and transfer it back to the smart contract, where it will remain for eternity.

If you get the coin, you lose the art.

Which one do YOU value the most?

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BURN (Owner Only)

Let greed consume you. Ars longa, vita brevis.

One Bitcoin is wrapped into the NFT. (1.0 WBTC)

The owner can withdraw the Bitcoin by burning and permanently losing the art piece. Burning the piece will change its state into a new visual, and lock back the NFT into the contract forever.

The art piece will be un-owned for eternity and be displayed on this website in its final state.

Link to the smart contract to verify funds and code:  HERE
We have renounced the ownership of the smart contract after deployment.
Once the NFT is sold and transferred, the future owner will be the only one in control of the fate of the art piece and the coin.

0) We have renounced the ownership of the contract.
1) In it's original state (1) the NFT contains wrapped inside ONE Bitcoin (1.0 WBTC)
2) The owner will be able to withdraw 1WBTC at any time by burning the NFT using this website.
3) Burning the NFT will transform the artwork in it's final state (2) and will send the NFT back to itself where it will remain forever without an owner.
4) !!DO NOTE!! - exactly like burning, YOU WILL LOSE OWNERSHIP of the piece when burning it.
5) Auction includes a Limited Edition physical video art frame. (If requested, ships in 8 weeks)

TL:DR There is 1 Bitcoin inside the NFT that the owner can unlock by destroying the current art piece.

HOW TO BURN: (the easy way)
1) Be the owner
2) Connect your wallet (containing the NFT) to this website.
3) Click the BURN button and confirm the steps

HOW TO BURN: (the harder way)
1) Be the owner
2) Call the burn function in the smart contract

Disclaimer :
Only burn this NFT through this website, unless you know how to deal with smart contracts directly.

Quick note from us:
While working on what was initially meant to be a fun experiment, we quickly realized that there was a much deeper meaning to this piece and what it now represents for us. I encourage you to reflect about what this piece could mean and represent for you.

PS: This website interface has been put together to function properly rather than look good, we are going to improve on the aesthetic of the website.

Satoshi's Coin - An art experience